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Become part of our vision: True sustainability as the new normal!

We believe from the bottom of our hearts that we can all work together to make our world a better place if everyone makes small changes in their daily lives – taking care of our planet and using existing resources wisely.

Our biggest goal with BIOvative: a plastic-free future with real sustainable alternatives to conventional products. With our assortment we support you and your customers in making sustainability the new normality!



With our Starter Kit Display you combine all our bestselling sizes of the BIOvative organic waste bag series: 10L with handle, 20L with handle, 30L with handle and the 120L liner bags for organic and residual waste garbage cans.

10Liter Bio-Müllbeutel mit Henkel


10L compostable organic garbage bag with handle

47cm height + 13cm handle x 46cm width, circumference = 92cm | roll with 25 bags


20L compostable organic garbage bag with handle

53cm height + 14cm handle x 50cm width, circumference = 100cm | roll with 14 bags

20L Bio-Müllbeutel mit Henkel
30L Bio-Müllbeutel mit Henkel


30L kompostierbare Bio-Müllbeutel mit Henkel

70cm height + 14cm handle x 55cm width, circumference = 110cm | roll with 13 bags


120L kompostierbare Bio-Auskleidesäcke

130cm height x 90cm width, circumference = 180cm | roll with 5 bags

120L Bio-Müllsäcke

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