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Welcome to our magazine!

Our magazine is all about our number one principle:


“True sustainability as the new normal”

For us, this means that we want to create the conditions for real ‘sustainability’ not just to be a “trendy topic” but to become the new standard in our society. Because a “trendy topic” that is topical for a short time and then “shelved” again cannot and will not lead our beloved Earth to climate neutrality. And this is unavoidable if our planet is still to be worth living on for our children and us tomorrow.

That’s why we are working with great dedication and commitment to firmly anchor the topic of ‘sustainability’ in the minds of environmentally conscious people. Because that’s how change can become reality.

The core of our magazine, with which all content is concerned:


Your real impact for a future worth living –
Understand real sustainability and simply act accordingly.

When you open your eyes and take a conscious look around, you realize: we are surrounded by inspiring people who are really making our world a better place with clever projects and tangible ideas for the future!

With our magazine, we want to pick up on these projects and ideas to inspire our customers and interested readers. In doing so, we focus on the topics that seem meaningful and interesting to us. We always try to work independently to the best of our knowledge and belief. For this purpose, we investigate every topic and subject it to in-depth research.

With our contributions we want to provide answers to the challenges and crises of our time with regard to ‘sustainability’. And in doing so, we also want to point out approaches for solutions that can make a real difference. At the same time, we want to encourage you, our readers, and make it clear that each and every one of you also has a big impact. Step by step, we give practical examples that you can use to change even small things in your everyday life that together have a big environmentally friendly effect.

We don’t want to be the next magazine that regularly announces horrors with negative reporting and presents issues from a demotivating and upsetting perspective. Because there is already enough of that! We want to motivate, point out opportunities and encourage action.

And now have fun browsing through our selection
around the topic ‘Sustainability – understand & live’ !