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in every aspect.


In these times, when you often can’t be sure if there is “sustainability” in it, if it says “sustainability” in the label. In times of label fraud and greenwashing – we have set ourselves a goal: to give the seals & certificates back their meaning with our products.

What does it mean?

Our BIOvative bags are completely climate-neutralized, compostable in a minimum of time and free of microplastics.

But that’s not enough for us. Because no one would even think of saying: Let’s save half the earth!

AND THAT’S WHY we apply the same standards to ALL processes that go hand in hand with our products:

Our entire infrastructure should meet these standards! From raw materials to manufacturing to shipping and everything BIOvative. The manufacture of our products is climate neutral – and so is the work of our company.

Greenwashing is an absolute NO-GO for us!

We stand for REAL sustainability: uncompromising, consistent, transparent.

TRANSPARENCY? For us, that means being open & honest with all customers. Honest when we say:

“100% sustainability does not exist. We know that.”

That’s why we work TODAY ceaselessly on everything that doesn’t fit yet, to make it better TOMORROW. Our goal: to find ways and opportunities to take our products to the next level – to make them optimal for a green future.

With BIOvative we want to take responsibility for our earth with true sustainability.

Do you want that too?

Support us and you automatically contribute YOUR part!

Our ideals are our GUARANTEE to all customers:

“Where BIOvative is labeled, BIOvative is inside. We promise.”

“We want our beloved earth to remain livable – for us, our children and the future.”

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