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Plastic or biological? Both!

Renewable and GMO-free raw materials are used for the production of our compostable organic waste bags. In addition, we naturally source ALL raw materials from Europe.

Our products are composed of starch, sugar, vegetable oils and raw materials of fossil origin. This biological plastic or also called biological polyester is completely degradable. This is also officially confirmed by the Federal Environmental Agency. It is also made from vegetable raw materials – in our case, corn starch.

When you hear plastic, you inevitably think of petroleum-based plastic, the use of which we strictly deny and fight against every day with our products. However, a plastic in its basic form is nothing more than a concatenation of molecules of various substances, whereby the material used, as in our case, can consist of natural, vegetable raw materials.

BIOvative is the biological answer to conventional plastic products
– 100% degradable & made from renewable raw materials.

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