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Sustainable packaging solutions

Organic products made from renewable and GMO-free raw materials.

Sustainable packaging solutions

Sustainability is at the top of the wish list of consumers and politicians and has become a decisive purchase criterion. With our bio films made from renewable and GMO-free raw materials from Europe, we offer you a truly sustainable solution.


BIOvative carrier bags

High quality compostable carrier bags with a premium feel.

A perfect choice for any organization, business or brand that wants to reduce their carbon footprint, move towards a circular economy and achieve their sustainability goals.           

At the same time, they can enhance their brand image by using the bags for advertising and green marketing.


BIOvative lining bags


BIOvative multipurpose bags / BIOvative food bags

In retail, 3 billion thin throw-away fruit and vegetable bags are consumed every year in Germany alone, and most of them are only used once. Even though lightweight plastic bags are still allowed due to their thin material, it is already worth switching to a sustainable solution.

Compostable food and multi-purpose bags are not only the very definite, more environmentally conscious alternative to the conventional plastic bag, but after use for transport, they can continue to be used as fresh food bags and, due to their complete biodegradation, can be used for the collection and disposal of organic waste in the kitchen.

The bags are available in all sizes and thinnest thickness. Contact us and we will plan the implementation of your project.

Our B2B services

As a company or business, you have the opportunity to use our products in various ways for your commercial purposes. For this we offer:

Would you and your company like to take an important step towards climate neutrality? Then contact us without obligation and we will find an individual solution for your company.