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Climate-neutral production in Germany

We keep our promise:

Our production shall be sustainable and every single process in the production shall be resource-saving – guaranteed! Therefore, our organic bags are produced climate-neutral in Germany, from high-quality and renewable raw materials exclusively from Europe in accordance with BioAbfV (Biowaste Ordinance).

→ the advantage: a CO2 saving per year of more than 5 tons!

BIOvative waste bags - completely climate neutralized

All CO2 emissions associated with our product are 100% offset by:

No Greenwashing:

We always try to keep our CO2 emissions as low as possible. And where unavoidable emissions occur in our production, we create emissions compensation through voluntary investments in

German forest projects with sustainable management for additional CO2 compensation‘.

In this way, we aim to move one step closer to our most important goal: true sustainability for a future worth living.

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